Top list of fat burning foods

Have you ever heard about fat burning foods? fat burning foods Fat burning foods are those that help our body to burn fat. Fat burning foods not only helps us to lose weight naturally but also increase our body rate of weight loss. So include these foods in your daily diet helps speed up weight loss, build a healthier body and put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

So here is the list of top fat burning foods for losing weight fast in a healthier way:

  1. Lemon
    Lemon is recommended for its strong fat burning abilities.

  2. Broccoli
    Use Broccoli in your dinner as it contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for you.

  3. Carrot
    Carrot helps us in raising our fat burning ability but should eat it raw because after cooking lot of its minerals and vitamins disappear

  4. Apple
    Apple also helps you increasing fat burning ability and also contains c-Vitamins like lemon.

  5. Chili
    Chili sets the metabolism going and increases our ability to burn fat. So include chili in your meals but leave out the seeds, as it’s the hottest part.

  6. Mustard
    It helps you increasing burn fat but use Mustard that does not have so much sugar.

  7. Garlic
    Garlic not only helps fat burn ability but also great for your immune system.

  8. Citrus fruits
    They contain high concentrations of Vitamin C. Vitamin C burns fat by liquefying it. This makes it easier for the body to flush fat from the system.

  9. Eggs
    Eggs are high in protein and essential in burning fat. If you are concerned about cholesterol, you can eat the white part as that is the most nutritious part of the egg.

  10. Olive Oil
    Olive oil keeps your cholesterol down and burns fat.

If you are interested in knowing more about fat burning foods, then yo can get it from my earlier Fat burning food post.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Anonymous said...

While I agree and understand why all of the foods on this list are good for you. Many people reading your blog might not understand how they work and with little or no scientific backup to your comments, they will never implement or follow up on your suggestions.

It is sad but this is the reality of how the human mind thinks.

muscle89 said...

hi brad,thanks for the info.I never knew using chili had so many
advantages.Being a south indian,i have chilis evryday(yes, cooked).Feel so happy that it actually increased the metabolism rate.
(Reg prev article..)
I once told my frnds to eat 6 times a day,which then had adverse effects.If anyone is on with a six meal schedule,he has to work hard for that...lift weights,,tone the muscles by running,jogging and it takes a lot more.anyways highly recommended read.

Green tea said...

What about green tea?
I have read in so many places that it actually boosts the metabolism, thus helps to lose weight.
Can anyone explain this a little deeper, please?

Anonymous said...

Green tea has a chemical called EGCG which speeds up metabolism.

Anonymous said...

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