Positive thoughts for losing

We cannot be successful in any of our deeds in case we are not optimized, motivated and inspired to do that. You can never win a race with negative thoughts in mind. Just remove the fear of failure from your mind. Just imagine you’re after weight loss picture. Imagine how you will feel after losing the extra pounds you are having.

And think after losing some weight, you will feel full of confidence and have more enjoy in life. With this you have more options in your dress purchasing. It seems really bad to be fat. We have to make this bad thing away from our life.

On many occasions, when we went to a store and try some jeans, we feel full of remorse and sadness that we are not able to fit in a jean in which we were able few months or years back. On some occasions, some of our friend, people around or relatives make some comments about our fat. We do not have to lose heart. We have to stay positive towards our weight loss.

I really feel bad on one occasion just few days back, when I went to a store to bought a jean for me. The salesman in a joking manner makes comment about my fat. And when I was about to try a large size shirt for me, He sad, you should not take this as your tummy will be too much visible in this size shirt. So take extra large size shirt. But we all need to take positives from all this kind of things and remain positive in our way to weight loss.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.