Extreme weight loss measures exposed

fat scale
According to a recent survey six out of ten women thought that zero size is attractive for them and size of 12 (97% women) to be fat for them. Celebrities such as Nichole Richie who have zero size are having health risks by extreme weight loss.

The same figure would rather have friends who are fatter than them, and 76% admit they are jealous of slimmer friends. Half of the surveyed women (5,000) said that they had spent days to fit in a dress for a special night. And the motivation to be slim comes from other slim women around.

Six out of 10 women said that they had been criticized for their body shape by their friends and the remaining four said they had been asked by their mother to lose weight.

Six out of 10 surveyed said friends had criticized their body shape and four out of 10 said their mothers had urged them to lose weight. One in five said they can’t sit at their office desk without their work colleagues suggesting they slim down.

Four out of five women said that they would be extremely happy if they lose their weight and one third of women said that they tried dieting by eating calories less than 500 in a day. "No wonder so many women say they can’t eat normally any more because they’re trying to achieve the unachievable."


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.