South Beach Diet benefits?

South Beach plan

Dieting not only cause participants to gain weight but also affect the body. Keeping this in mind a number of weight loss programs like South Beach and Atkins are designed which is easy to comprehend and follow. These tell about tasty and nutritious food. Some persons consider South Beach plan as the improved Atkins. However, unlike Atkins, carbohydrates are not totally banned rather they allowed some how. In second and third stages breads and other carbohydrates are allowed. Participants suffering from food intolerances should remain careful otherwise it might affect the safety and efficiency of the plan.

It can provide many benefits to the body keeping in view nutritional perspective. The program is well planned, relying not on the reduction of any sole food group, but on lowering carbohydrates, poor cholesterols, fats, sugar, white bread, and other none-nutritional food products. This plan does not rely on reducing the amounts of saturated fats rather it is designed to tell how metabolism works.

The glycemic index is one of the main reasons for the program's success as it categorizes carbohydrate foods keeping in view their effect on the body’s sugar level. In second stage, low GI foods like fruits, grains and fibers are consumed. This program helps in making eating enjoyable and beneficial. Meals suggested are tasty and having all essential food groups can pacify one’s hunger. With the help of this plan, participants can struggle poor eating habits and lower cholesterol levels, plummeting the risks of cardiovascular complications.

A cardiologist designed this program keeping in view the most successful parts of other dieting plans, to make a holistically healthy eating plan that will not only keep the pounds off, but will also help to ensure the permanence of your body when followed correctly.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.