Going to be after weight loss

Now the big question arise for all of us what and how we are going to be after weight loss. So guys how we will look after losing the extra pounds we are occupying. Have you got some idea or thought about it?

We all must have in sight what we will be after certain interval of time. What I think what I will be after I am able to get rid of these extra pounds:

  • I will be full of energy and my self-confidence will be sky high. Then I will be able to face everyone’s eye and I will have answers for many of things, which I do not have right now.

  • I will be able to live my life in a better way and will be able to have more fun in life.

  • Most importantly, I will be fitter and healthier. My jeans and shirts size will be of my desired size and no one will be able to make any comment about my shape.

  • I will be able to enjoy more with my friends and will for part kind of things on some occasions, which I try to avoid most of the times.

There are countless numbers of other things, which we are going to achieve automatically as soon as we lose this unwanted weight. So buddy what you are going to get after getting rid of your extra pounds.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.