Top sugar cutting tips out of your diet

All of us love sugar too much that we try to add it everywhere wherever we can add like in bread, muffins and even in cigarettessugar free diet. So sugar is added to whole wheat, which is considered as healthy for us and is also added in cigarettes, which is thought to be unhealthy. So we all Americans love sugar too much.

But the fact many of us may not know that sugar is really unhealthy for us. Sugar has been traced back to many common health aliments like acne, yeast infections, mood swings, mental health diseases and even Cancer. All of these diseases were made public when start consuming 10 pounds to 157 pounds in one year. Here is a simple but effective tips that will help you cut sugar out of your life in a health way and help you to live a healthy life:

  1. Read out the food labels

    Do not forget to read the labels on the food items. There is no doubt sugar is available in many of foods naturally and is also healthy for our body. What to watch out for is to check that sugar is not an added ingredient.

  2. Try being sugar free

    Try to be sugar free on some occassions like taking tea or coffee sugar free. There are many beverages, which are having great taste sugar free as well like many flavored drinks.

  3. Asking questions about menu

    Going out for eating can be a risky act. So good thing for you is asking question about the food you are going to eat and ingredients available in the food.

  4. Buy Cooking books

    Why not purchase a cooking book. There are many treats, which we can prepare easily and that also sugar free.

  5. Drink less coke and other drinks

    You know one coke contains twelve teaspoons of sugar. So by cutting down some of drinks, we can cut great amount of sugar from our total intake of sugar.

  6. Get rid of canned fruits and vegetables

    Fruit is naturally sweet. Canned corn and many other vegetables have sugar or corn syrup in them. Read all labels on the canned foods you buy. Some foods are misleading and you wouldn’t think they would have sugar. Think again. If you are serious about cutting out sugar from your diet be sure to read all labels.

  7. Pack snacks for the day

    When we go to the office or school without our snacks (lunchbox), we have greater chances of consuming calories and sugar. So why not pack healthy snacks for the day.

  8. Maintain a diary

    Maintaining a diary to keep track of what you have to eat, what not to eat and how you feel about things is a great idea. Writing what you have achieved with your diet (calories and sugar) can be really moral boosting.

  9. Do not deprive yourself of too much

    Eating always sugar free is not always possible. There can be some occassions like birthday or marriage where you cannot remain sugar free. So just go and enjoy such occasion and also enjoy your favorite food with a bit of moderation.

  10. Sharing your eating habits

    You can feel depressed and alone with your eating pattern when your friends are enjoying the treats. What you can do is share your healthy change and how great you feel health wise after these implementations. If you are able to satisfy them, it may be possible all or some of them even join in you.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.