Breastfeeding children less likely to be overweight in infancy

breastfed childChildren who were breastfed are less likely to be overweight as compared to the children who were fed through bottles in their infancy (Yahoo News).

This research was carried on 2300 children from birth to age of 7 by researchers in Netherlands. According to the researchers, those children who were breastfed for 16 weeks or so had a less BMI at the age of 1.

Similarly these children with less BMI are less likely to be overweight by the age of 7 as compared to bottle fed children.

Part from breastfed, it is the parents responsibility to teach their children healthy eating habits from their early age. So parents have to play a big role in their children healthy diet pattern and food acceptance.


Written by Brad

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Anonymous said...

This is the thing which we all parents have to care. We as a parents have to look after the needs of our kids. And I am going to ask my wife to have breastfed our kid as a way to keep him fit and fine.