Courtney Love reveals her weight loss truth

Courtney Love weight There are some rumors that Courtney Love had been able to lose so amount of weight (44 pounds) due to gastric-band surgery. But she denies that gastric-band surgery has nothing to do with her weight loss. She says, "I couldn't get that surgery if I begged for it."

Love says on her website that she got the inspiration to lose those extra pounds by Oprah. Courtney Love bikini photo are all around the Internet these days. She is seen once in a black number & once in a white bikini.

Courtney Love has been flashing her newly trimmed skin all over the beaches. Love says that it was all her hard work by which has been able to lose so much of pounds.

She says, "i started weight training three days go to get rid of the saggy ass and loose tummy i pln on hving perrrfect six pack by summer, and be extra strong so when i play shows ill be strong nd not weak "


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.