Diet Cola Myths

diet cola There are millions of people among us who think that diet cola is a god choice for them which are low in kilojoules and sugar-free as it helps them to lose the unwanted fat. But the fact is just the opposite. According to a study named "Diet Cola Myths" it was found that diet cola could make you more fatty and rot your teeth (

Study finds that the drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks can stimulate the appetite, triggering cravings for sweet foods. And this can make you put on extra weight. The study says that you can lose weight if you avoid these soft drinks and drink water instead.

And despite having no sugar, diet drinks are not safe for teeth because they contain phosphoric acid or citric acid, which cause tooth enamel to erode. "It's different from decay, but can be just as bad for your teeth," the report warns.

Regular coca-cola contains about eight spoons of sugar and 675kj. And a can of diet coke has less than 10kl but contains many artificial sweeteners, stimulates appetite and increases cravings for sweet foods. Diet colas usually contain at least two sweeteners that can be many hundreds of times sweeter than sugar.


Written by Brad

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