Diet limits childhood obesity – Somerville

According to the researchers, efforts were made to limit kids obesity in Somerville and that worked fine.

More fruits and vegetables were given to kids in the lunchtime. Restaurant looked to offer small portions of food. Crosswalk area was filled with walking and biking posters to encourage people. The whole city of Somerville went on a diet to limit kids obesity and that had really worked according to researchers.

According to Christina Economos, who led the program called "Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart Play Hard.” if other communities take similar steps, they could help kids getting rid of obesity as they grow older.

For this research, the researchers picked Somerville city of 77,500 populations. The researchers met with teachers, parents and school officials to explain the importance of avoiding meals high in fat and sugar and encouraging children to be active, Economos said (From Yahoo News).


Written by Brad

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