Get incentives for losing weight

VERO BEACH – Kincman, the city’s safety and training administrator, has shown that you lose weight even in the office without giving a stop to your work. She has been walking on her breaks and lunch hour for the last one year and has been able to lose 13 pounds so far.

According to her, we sleep better and remain in good mood after exercising. She hopes that giving more incentives to employee’s wellness programs will help more city employees get fit.

"Some of the incentives for participating in the voluntary program are $10 for participating in the health screening at the city health fair, a free one year membership to city owned Leisure Square and Riverside Tennis complex and gift cards to local businesses to employees losing the most weight or showing the most improvement."

Anderson said he would measure the program's success by how healthy employees become. Last year 89 employees participated in the health screening where their there blood pressure, cholesterol and blood-sugar levels were checked.

The 89 employees who went through the health screening were found to be: 87% with diabetes risk, 71% with high blood pressure, 67 % overweight and 26 % at risk for depression (From TCPalm).


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.