Heavy born infants more likely to be overweight later on

According to a survey that was carried on more than 8000 children in Hong Kong, found that the new born baby who are heavy at the time of their birth, have 150 percent more chances of being overweight or obese by the age of seven years (From Yahoo News).

The newly born babies whose weight is more than 3.65 kg or more than 8 pounds are considered to be heavy.

In the earlier studies, obesity was someway liked with a person’s lifestyle and his eating patterns. But according to this study, person obesity is also related with the eating and life style pattern of their parents and grand parents.

Out of 8300 children being tracked for this survey, 800 of them are now overweight or obese. At the age of seven the boys with BMI greater than 17.9 are overweight and BMI over 20.6 are obese. The girls at the age of seven years, With BMI more than 17.53 are overweight and BMI greater than 20.5 are obese.


Written by Brad

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David Spelts said...

Interesting. There does appear to be three critical time periods when the body can easily create new fat cells: in the womb, infancy and during puberty.