Losing ponds with Vertical workstation

Losing weight while working in the office

treadmill desk Most of us spend most of their times at their computers or desk during the day. And by the time, we reach home; we do not have enough energy or mood to go to the gym. So we need some way to lose pounds while we are in the office (From Yahoo News).

Mayo Clinic in New York has designed a "vertical workstation" treadmill that allows us to exercise on a treadmill without losing valuable time away from the desk For this 15 fat people were asked to work on treadmill desk and calculated the amount of calorie they burn while working on the treadmill desk.

It was calculated that if an overweight office worker uses this vertical workstation everyday for a year, he or she is expected to lose around 66 pounds of weight.

If obese workers use this vertical workstation even for two to three hours daily, they can use 20 to 30 kg of weight every year. The cost of this vertical workstation is said to be $1,600.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.