Including sufficient amount of fat in children diet

We as a patents have to care about our children obesity as well as our own obesity problem. Most of the parents love to offer low fat diets to their children as a way to save them from getting obese. But according to a latest research from US says that children should not be deprived of the fat they needed to grow.

Children have the ability to burn more calories as compared to the younger people. So parents should not worry about the risk of childhood obesity and provide their kids the sufficient amount of fat to their children's.

Around one third of children energy intake must come from fats. Researchers state that children should be given the sufficient amount of fat in their diets for their normal growth and development (From BBC NEWS).


Written by Brad

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Cindy Moore said...

I am 100% in favor of increasing the fat content of children's diet....but this article is a bit weird!

Fat helps them to stay full longer after meals (as long as it's a mainly fat and protein meal, not chips and candy!), so they're less likely to snack as often. Fat is also is essential for brain development!! Personally I'd shoot for closer to 50% of calories from fat!

What gets me about this article is they're saying parents shouldn't worry about the kids getting fat because they can burn it faster? what about the "obesity epidemic" we're seeing with kids today?

So fat makes you fat....but not if you're a kid. And we shouldn't worry about our kids getting fat...but there's an epidemic of children getting fat?

Fat doesn't make you fat. It is essential for life....child or adult. What is making the kids fat isn't the amount of fat in their's the diet itself! Loaded with HFCS, artificial ingredients and so much sugar that we're seeing degenerative diseases at unusually young ages!