Smoked girls are no more going to lose weight

smoked girls weight loss According to a latest research, teenager girls who smoke are no more going to lose weight as compared to the girls who don’t smoke at all. This finding will have big impact on the young girls who take smoking as a way to lose weight.

According to Dr. Jennifer from the University of Montreal says research team did not find any relationship between young girl’s weight and their smoking habit.

More than 1200 teenagers were followed during this research and were asked to fill a questionnaire about their lifestyle and smoking habit after every three months.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


It amazes me that people believe that they will lose weight by smoking. The only thing that they are doing is destroying their ability to breathe.

Weight Loss and losing weight fast is all about controlling your own desires and attitudes towards food and exercise.

JJ said...

Ir reminds me to my best friend in high school. He was declined by this girl that he was attracted to. The next day I saw him smoking for the first time. I asked him why and he responded "I need to lose weight."

Sure he did lose weight but not in a healthy way. Starting from that day, he looks weak and ill.