Top list of foods that help in losing weight easily

The very first step we can take for lose weight easily is having a well maintained stocked pantry and refrigerator full of healthy foods and food supplements. When you have all ingredients available at home for making healthy food, you can make it with ease. There are many foods that that are not only good for your health but can also help you in losing extra amount of weight. Here is the list of foods that really helps you in losing weight with ease:

    list of healthy foods
  • Potatoes - Potatoes are really big fat burner and have lots of minerals, vitamins and are full of fiber. You don’t feel hungry for longer when you have eaten them. Simple portion of potatoes without any extra toppings are really helpful in burning extra amount of fat.

  • Fruits & Vegetables - Make sure that you take 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. They will keep your body full of vitamins and you will feel healthier during the process of losing weight.

  • Water - Water is really helpful for losing weight and for maintaining over overall health. Experts suggest consumption of high amount of water for losing weight. It is always a good idea to carry water along with fruits when you go out.

  • Milk - Low fat milk can also be used. One can use low fat milk as a snack between meals.

  • Carrots - Like low fat milk, carrots can also be used as a healthy snack in between meals.

  • Eggs - eggs are great source of vitamins. One can use eggs in the breakfast or lunch as a low calorie meal.

  • Use of herbs and spices - High amount of herbs and spices is recommended for giving lots of flavors to low fat cooked food.

  • Peanut butter - Use of peanut butter can add lots of vitamins to your diet. One can use it on toast in the morning breakfast.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Polina said...

May I ask if any amount of fruits/vegetables is allowed? and how often? and is it allowed to eat all the healthy food after 19.00? and is it OK that most of fruits are sweet (I can avoid eating bread, butter, meat, but I can't survive without sugar... most of diets say that sugar is Nr.1 in No-nos list; is sugar contained in fruits somehow different from a "normal" one)?
thanks in advance,

Jeff Iversen said...

Do a google search on the "Glycemic Index" and you will be shocked to find that white potatoes are one of the foods at the top of the list for spiking your blood sugar and making you fat. You would be better off eating a bowl of candy bars. The simple carbohydrates quickly turn to sugar and send your blood sugars up high. If you are going to eat potatoes, eat them sparingly and with a lot of other vegetables and protein to offset the bad effects.

What is interesting is that red potatoes and yukon gold potatoes have a lower glycemic index. Try these instead. Replace white rice with brown rice. Replace white bread with stone ground whole wheat bread, rye bread, sourdough or pumpernickel.

If you are addicted to sugar or any other type of food, watch this movie clip by Dr. Neal Barnard MD.

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