The Best Way to Lose Weight

If you’re just starting your journey into the realms of weight loss, you are probably looking for the fastest and simplest ways to shed those excess pounds. But, as nothing in life is easy, you need to be prepared to work really hard if you want to achieve results that are impressive at best and acceptable at worst. The best way to lose weight is to follow the below steps:

  • Start out with intensity: I know people tell you to go slow and pace yourself, but you must remember that your enthusiasm levels and motivation to lose weight remain strongest in the beginning. So take advantage of this and go all out in your efforts. If you can hire a personal trainer, do so and work with them every day to improve your fitness level and lose weight. If not, find out how you work with a few simple weights to tone your upper and lower body, and combine this with an hour of cardio exercises every day, for 6 days a week. Also, you need to simultaneously cut back on the calories you consume even though you feel really hungry from all the working out. Switch over to healthy options like fruits and low-cal snacks to curb those hunger pangs and give your body the nutrition it needs.

  • Tone it down once the scales show a difference: Once you have lost at least 10 pounds, or after you feel yourself looking much better than you used to, tone down the intensity or duration of your workout. You could exercise 4 days a week as opposed to 6 or cut your time to 45 minutes from an hour. This way, you make it easy to keep up your routine and prevent yourself from stopping suddenly and gaining weight again. As far as food is concerned, make sure the number of calories you consume is less than what you burn through exercise.

  • Keep at it for life: Ultimately, your goal should be to set an exercise routine and diet that you are comfortable following for the rest of your life. It must be something that becomes force of habit rather than force of will. Once your mind accepts this certainty of exercise and healthy food, you’re not going to go back to your sedentary and gluttonous ways.

Weight loss is permanent only when you keep doing the things you did to achieve it in the first place – exercise and diet. Keep at it, and you’re never going to worry about flab and fat again.

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Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Ask a Nurse said...

Keep at it for life is the most difficult and necessary one...good tips here,thanks for sharing.

James Reno said...

Yes, enthusiasm is key! I embraced a raw food diet which has helped me a great deal. In addition drinking water in place of soda or coffee is key for energy and controlling hunger.

To Your Health!
James Reno (editor)

Thanks for the great tips! When it comes to weight loss I agree with James in that you need enthusiasm.

I walk.. everywhere... to my music.

Great blog... keep it up.

Never Stop Movin'!

Another great way to lose weight is to fidget! Every time you shake your leg or make a gesture with your hand, you lose calories.

EMR said...

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Yes I agree it is necessary to start out with intensity but what is very essential is to maintain the fire and go regular on it.

Great post...nice to discuss these matters I say.

Anonymous said...

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