Lose weight with the Flat belly diet

Flat belly diet is one of those diets, which aim at reducing the size of the belly of all those people who are overweight. This diet is inspired from the conventional Mediterranean diet. This diet focuses on the consumption of monounsaturated fats, which should take the place of saturated fats in our diet. In this diet plan, people consume 1600 calories every day.

Foods which have monounsaturated fats

  • Oils: Olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, pesto sauce etc.
  • Dark chocolate
  • Olives
Seeds and nuts- Almond butter, cashew butter, hazel nuts, chunky natural peanut butter, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecan, walnuts, tahini etc.

The other foods, which are consumed in this diet, are very much like the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and small quantities of red meat are consumed in this diet plan.

Exercises to be done while following the flat belly diet

In this diet plan, several exercises have been recommended. Complete body resistance training exercises along with cardio exercises should be done while following this diet plan.

Facts about the flat belly diet

You may have seen various eye catchy promises at several websites, which advertise the flat belly diet plan. Some advertisements say that this diet plan can reduce several inches from your belly in just 96 hours. One should understand that these claims are just for the purpose of selling this diet plan.

However, it is not the case that this diet plan is not effective. It is effective because mono unsaturated fats are really healthy and they help people in losing their weight. The level of cholesterol in the body also gets reduced when a person reduce the intake of saturated fats. This reduces the risk of several heart diseases.


You should not follow this diet plan only because you have seen several promises made by different websites in their advertisements. You should trust this diet for its effectiveness. One should not expect that he/she would lose a lot of weight within a few days after following this diet plan. You would lose weight slowly and gradually if you stick to this diet plan with discipline.

You can trust this diet plan for losing your weight successfully. This diet plan is beneficial for the overall health of human beings. Therefore, you can follow it for achieving weight loss and a having a healthy body.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


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Great article!Love this post!let lose weight now for the sake of our health.God bless you.Amen

HCG Dieting said...

Good to know that dark chocolate helps to burn fat. An average of how many weeks I lost when I strictly follow the flat belly diet? Thank you very much.

Kingsley said...

This falt belly diet might work. You just have to make sure you stick to it and do not deviate.

Dark chocolates! It's good to know they're okay for people who are trying to lose weight and still give in to some cravings every now and then. Great tips!

The flat belly diet, this is similar to the diet solution right?

If so, then I can definitely agree that it is an outstanding weight loss diet and supported by sound science.

Thanks for this post. I'm just starting my diet and I was happy to read that all my favorite snack foods are on the "acceptable to eat" list. Now I just need to get me a good set of digital scales and I'll be set.

That was very well said ,, I just wanted to warn those people who wanted to lose their weight rapidly. You may take many side effects with it. Lack of energy, lack of emuinity and impotency in men are major issues come with it. Try to do it slowly and with some good mixture of activities like yoga, balancr diet and etc.

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Yeah, it's great to lose weight fast. However, it's also great to lose weight safely.

There are many great programs for losing weight but key ingredient is support from friends and family.

shaun said...

I am an advocate of healthy eating and moderate exercise. I believe your post is spot on with regards to weight loss and exercise. I am always looking for more information and ideas that I pass on to others to.

MaxBurn said...

Dark chocolate FTW, cool to know dark chocolate and red wine in moderation are good for you.

Plamen said...

Amazing diet. Thank you very much for the shared info :)

I've usually found that when I'm trying to lose weight, using digital scales helps. They're more accurate, generally and it's better when I can see exactly how well I'm doing or if I need a little more work.

I've usually found that when I'm trying to lose weight, using digital scales helps. They're more accurate, generally and it's better when I can see exactly how well I'm doing or if I need a little more work.

Ryan said...

Is the flat belly diet is safe for everyone? My wife just gave birth three months ago and she was irritated with her weights that have not been back as the beginning. She followed the training program at the gym, but has not been able to successfully restore weight.
Is this diet safe for her?
You say to eat vegetables; fresh fruit and whole grains are drawing this diet program. Are all the fruit can assist in this program? What about the pineapple?

Tom said...

That's right that we can not do this diet plan only. We also have to do the right exercise to remain us in a good health. Doing the right diet and exercise well will give desired result.

Anonymous said...

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