Food labels as our best friends

Food labels and weight loss

Food labels can be our best friends in the fight against obesityread food labels. By watching at the food labels at a food item, we can judge whether a particular food item is useful to us or not. But in the long run, we must enjoy our food to be really successful in our weight loss campaign. So here are some things to watch out for on food labels:

  • Serving Amount
    We have to be really accurate with our serving amount. Serving amount should be as per our requirement.

  • Amount of calories
    The calories count can be really helpful if you are very serious about the amount of calories you want to consume on a particular day or at a particular meal time.

  • Fat numbers
    There are several fat numbers on the label to help you differentiate what kind of fat the food contains.

  • Amount of Carbohydrates & Fiber
    The amount of carbohydrate and fiber will help you decide if the food you are eating will “stick to your ribs,” reduce hunger, and help maintain a steady blood sugar level.

  • Protein
    Protein is important for tissue repair and healing, especially for heavy exercises. Protein also satiates appetite and helps the brain realize you are not hungry so you don’t overeat.

  • Balanced minerals and vitamins
    It contains the list of various vitamins and minerals in the food. It is recommended we should include as many fruit and vegetables items in our diet.

So we have really good information available on food labels. But the food labels has nothing to do with the taste of a particular food item. So many times we eat too much food just for the sake of taste. So we have to be very serious about the amount of food we take. The food labels can be really out best friend in determining what food item to eat and in how much quantity to eat.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


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