How to lose more pounds

Before going on to how to lose the extra pounds. There are some basic facts that we need to keep somewhere in our mind. You know to be able to lose pounds; we need to burn the amount of calorie more as compared to the amount of calories we use. Doctors suggest that all adults with normal health need to consume some fixed amount of calories like 1800 for men and 1320 or so for women.

We have to find some healthy ways to be able to burn the amount of calories than we are burning right now. We will be in the position to lose pounds when the burned calories count exceeds the amount of calories consumed.

We need to look for some natural ways of losing the extra pounds. Diet pills are no way going to help us in keeping the weight away in the long run. To burn one pound, we have to burn 3500 calories. So we have to decide how we are going to divide these calories and in how many days and how many pounds we are willing to lose in a healthy and smart way.

There are some guideline that will help us in burning more calories and so help in losing more pounds like:

First of all we need to give up our bad habits like eating fast food, taking high amount of alcohol, eating too much of fat (Maximum 20 grams in a day) everyday and keep on eating too much for the whole day.

Secondly, we need to eat healthy food. Take five to six small portions of meal during the whole day. Eat high amount of fruits and vegetables. Take 30 grams of fiber everyday and eat some eggs as well which I really love. Try to drink high amount of water (at least two liters). Drink low fat milk and if you feel hungry between the meals, eat some fruits.

And now last not the least, try to be more active. Morning walk of 30 minutes with your pet or friend can be really helpful. And if you are willing to run that will be great. Take a small walk after your lunch and especially after the dinner.

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Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


The problem with us is that we grew up with this fastfood mindset as if burgers and fries are the only things left to eat and its good that you are advocating other ways to gain weight but I disagree with you when you say that diet pills are no way going to help us burn pounds. Diet pills do have a purpose;otherwise, why this kind of medication still exist? Still, I totally agree with you that some of us in order to get the results need to give up bad habits and will power is the bottom line.

tjmarshall said...


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